wash, rinse and repeat

Heading into the 3rd week of holidays, and seems like much of the hype of "holidays" is slowly oozing away. I mean, it's a time to catch up with friends, do what you've always wanted to do, get the haircut, shape up, etc. But I ain't feeling it lol. Perhaps its' to blame my complete nocturnal nature now

Wake up at 5 pm, play , watch, talk, hang till 7 am in the morning, wash, rinse and repeat.

This habit is terrible. Now I wonder what goes on in the "daytime".

Anyway so how's your'e holidays been so far? Mine's alright to say the most, nothing real interesting going on. Everyone seems to be out doing something fun or at least productive. HAha shouldn't I be too? duno just don't feel like it at all. Like I'm not in the "mindframe" something or someone needs to slap me real hard. aih

Anyway Avcons coming up, and well theres always the street fighter tournament there. Apparently it's gona be pretty big too. got interstate players coming in wah. Was asked to defend our team Adelaide again ( we went to Sydney and came second in team battes )

Yeah it was about 2 months ago I went to Sydney to play street fighter. singly i got defeated in my pool at the 9th ranking level ( out of 25 ) which is kinda sad , considering I was so freaking close to beating the guy I lost to, it was more like I should of won that but patients got to me. Anyway that was a real highlight, I got to vs the best payer in the world, watch the best player in the world win and etc etc, see a bit of what Sydney had to offer ( in terms of food... girls? ahha damn to many of em )

The winner of the Sydney tournaments goes to las vegas in America to fight in the "world tournament" which.... as you might have guessed, is the biggest tournament in the world lol. It's actually on right now live on stream and it's up to the grand finals.
There's been a lot of crazy stuff going on , like the best players getting eliminated etc and last years second best getting knocked out to the 9th spot!
( I don't know if I've lost you already I should probably stop )

Then theres always the soccer. Hahaa Spain or netherlands? I wouldn't have a clue.

Also I think it's time to really get back into shape. stupid exams, makes you eat like crazy, makes you lazy (physical wise ) and well that's just not the best mix. ughh but where do I start?

Is it me or everytime I talk to someone they yawn. is my topics really that boring to talk about or is my tone really that boring to listen to, or am I just really boring alltogether? HAHA on the other hand, if I talk with expression , i'm the most retarded person ever. Is there something in between? not that I know off. This is so confusing.